Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My New Friend =)

Ever since my last pet died, it pretty much felt like losing a dear one. I never bought a pet home for years till lately a sense of emptiness made me want one again.

This time it's something bigger and really fuzzy. I'm still learning how to take care of it and hopefully I can get a hang of it soon. He can be quite unpredictable at times but it has sent this wave of "Oh! So Cute" amongst those who have seen him. Adorable? Yes, that's one of the reasons why I brought him home with me.

I still remembered how hard he shivered when he spent his first day with me. Inside, I'm scared as well. Since they have the history of dying out of stress and the first few days can be quite vulnerable. I left it alone for the first few days, feeding, cleaning and patting him to make him feel better at times.

Now he's more accustomed to his life with me but can be quite naughty at times. Especially when I tried to groom him, he struggles his way out. I think I'll leave it to the professionals to do a better job than what I've done so far. -.-""

Presenting to you, my new best friend ...
It's a miracle that he's not grinding his teeth with the wooden block but I'll just leave it there in case he gets bored. The good thing is he eats quite a lot of Timothy a day and hopefully that will help grind his teeth a little. The new bottle I got him in replace of the spoiled one that came with the cage wasn't any better. The bottle is apparently too little for him and he gobbles down 150ml after a single meal. The design is also not very user friendly, he is in need of a new bottle. After a thunderous night, I decided to get him a home that he can hide in if he wanted to feel safe. Not to forget, the pink Marukan bowl I got him is adorable. The favourite of all accessories and he looks cute burying his head in that bowl.

I was given quite a few comments that he looks like a cat or a dog, it's a fuzzy lop ear. The thick coat attracted me to him instantly and that's what I will call love at first sight. <3 <3 <3


Hair Product of the Month

I found this at watson and with the nice experience I had with the mousse, I decided to try this. It's like a leave in hair treatment separated with water and oil. It smells fruitty and the mixture gives it a light texture. I use it on my dry ends and it leaves my hair smelling nice. =)

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