Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days to Christmas / BitBit's Virgin Groom

Christmas is near and this year I got 2 presents. I didn't really expected it as I christmas is not something that I celebrate. Nonetheless, I love them. <3
Gift 1 : Cute Card Holder and I didn't take a picture of Gift 2, which is a table lamp =)

:: Rabbit Talk Time ::

These were not exactly presents for my rabbit but I bought the new rectangular pee pan in hope that he will not stand in that awkward position with the previous one spraying his pee out of the pan. -.-" Unfortunately he just loves to pee out of the pan. Lol! So it's no exception with this as well but I suppose he might feel more comfy with this spacious one. The new hay basket helped to reduce the amount of hay wasted when he had to dig and tug around for his hay with the old one. I tied it to the cage with cable and so far s good. Then I also got some airtight container that I initially wanted to put food in it but there were 2 more extras that I used to separate his hay with.
This is his first virgin grooming session. It's so cute to see him in that trance state and he practically never struggled except when the groomer wanted to file his nails and he hated it. I was told he's already very well behaved and affectionate. Oooowww~~

So these are the before (left), after his fur grew longer (right) and short short fur at the bottom after the session. He's paws look so neat =) and the amount of fur trimmed off his body. I think he probably feels so much lighter now.

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