Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bit Bit's Neutering Experience

Many weeks before the surgery ... ...

I did most of my research on the pets channel forum, they're really helpful and response was almost instantaneous all the time. I love them <3 So if you've got enquiries on pets, you may register and join them in their discussions. =)


The day before the surgery... ...

Noon Time,

I called up my boy to ask if we should go ahead with the surgery and he said it was up to me to decide what's best. I was still uncertain as there are risks involved with every surgery done. Whether is it the anesthesia or the weak health of your rabbit. So far I think he's in pretty good shape and the last checkup a month ago was not bad.

2 in the afternoon,
I phoned the clinic (The Animals Doctor @ AMK) to ask about the procedure and the friendly lady explained over the line that I have to feed it well before coming in (why? Because unlike other animals, rabbits need to move their guts and they don't throw up like dogs or cats) and I also have to sign a form of consent with regards to the use of anesthesia. I think it's the same even with us humans. Apparently, she did warned me about the potential risk involved with giving that jab but I figured out that I will still give it the green light.

So I promptly made the appointment to send him to the clinic in the morning and I was told the surgery only takes 30 minutes but they will keep him there till the anesthesia wears out and also to monitor his health after that. Only in the evening that I'll being him back.

After I put down the phone, I got a bit of butterflies in my stomach. So I decided to reward my bunny and gave him a bit of extra food in the afternoon.

By the way, I feed him vit c, lactic acid and papaya tablets on a daily basis, Sunnaturals Food with Oxbow alfafa pellets and abundance of Timothy hay.

Reason why I've decided to send him in for neutering is because I want him to be more tamed when I'm away and now it's the perfect time to do it (5-6 months). He's balls have descended even in the last checkup and he has been spraying around to mark his territory in the cage. Even though there's no other rabbits but I suppose it's a habit they have upon reaching puberty. He has not shown signs of violence as some of them do with the rising hormones and testosterone in their system. They tend to be quite tame after it's removed. Other symptoms to take note of are excessive chewing (of anything) and territorial behaviours. Sometimes they tend to spray at their buddies if you have more than 1 bunny. That happened to my friend's bunnies.


The night before surgery ... ...

At 2am, I'm still quite restless thinking about the operation. I fed it extra food so it won't go hungry and I gave it a good scratch and hug to relax it but I think I'm the one whose more nervous.

First step, I prepared his carrying case by wiping it clean and laying his usual black rubber mat at the bottom. Normally I will just use that when I bring him out but since he's going for an operation, I decided to add in the padding I got from Daiso. This is just to make him more comfortable and in case he might stain the carrier after that. His drinking bottle was also washed and attached to the carrier the next morning and cleaned the spare bowl for after surgery care.

After which, I prepared a bag of food to be brought in with him if he gets hungry after surgery. He pretty much finished his food and he loves to lie there for a good rub after meals. The next morning, remember to feed the rabbit. =)

The Day Of Surgery ... ...

9 am : Woke up and quickly washed up to prepare myself

9.30 am : Left the house and my rabbit was nervous even during the car journey but I kept padding it throughout.

10am : Reached the clinic, signed consent forms and sent my rabbit in.

I pretty much spent the rest of my day worrying while having my breakfast and lunch. By 4pm, the clinic has not called me and I called at 430pm to check. The person who picked up the phone mentioned that the operation was good and he was coping fine, except for the drowsiness. I felt a sign of relief but wondered why they never called after the surgery. At 5 pm, someone from the clinic called me and gave me the same updates, then told me that they have tried to reach me twice but I didn't pick up. My phone never even ring... ... Anyway, I was more concern of the well being of my rabbit.

7.30pm : Picked it up from the vet, he was happy to see me and moved around like usual. =)

Night of Surgery ... ...

I left a bowl of food and grass as he won't be able to jump or stand around like usual. He ate the minute he reached home and that was probably the most wonderful thing to happen. Most of the time, complications happen when they refuse to eat. Although it must have been very painful as the fur around his eyes were really wet and he looked like he cried. =(

In the morning, it was a little slow in movement due to the discomfort and maybe pain from the swelling. I made it stand a little to check on his wounds and it was quite swollen. I fed him his usual vitamins, food and a dosage of painkiller given by the vet. It was fairly easy when it comes to feeding medicine from my last experience. It took it like a treat. =p

Day 2 after the surgery, he has started jumping around but the wounds were still swollen. Urinating and drinking water seem tough for him now, so I used the extra bowl as a water bowl.

Day 3 after surgery, the swelling has gone down and he seem like normal. He's still marking and the urine was a little smelly. I'm guessing he's water intake might be the culprit but he's recovering faster than usual. By the way, I forgot to add that he didn't have any stitches done. =)

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