Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ikea & Beauty 101

It's been quite a weekend and many tiring nights. My eyes are permanently ready to be shut and I really need some proper sleep. Just a random post on some loots and beauty related updates.
After my poor old computer chair broke, it's time to head down to Ikea. The moses com chair is at $98 and it's quite comfy when we tested it at Ikea. Initially it will feel a little hard but I believe it will be more comfy as time goes by. I fixed it up in about 30mins and it wasn't too hard to do. I also got another one of the white trolley shelves to put my over flowing soft toys on me bed. -.-" The paper book organisers were an impulse purchase as I love the bright and vibrant designs. My old blue ones are turning yellow. >.< All these proudly sponsored by someone. :)

I got that hello kitty at the arcade machine, very cute and I hung it on my VS lappy bag. Lancome perfume gift over the weekend.

:: Beauty Tip 101 ::
Achieving Soft Flowing Salon Finish

Many people wonder why their hair seem to look so nice when they step out of the salon but can never seem to achieve it back home. There are certain looks that I still have problem achieving but the straight, smooth and volumous look wasn't too hard for me. I've got rebonded hair like many other girls and we all face one problem, flat hair.
Tip 1 : I have side parting and it tends to get heavy. So one side will look rather flat after a few hours. While blow drying my hair, I flipped a bit more hair to the other side to lighten it up.

Tip 2 : As mentioned, blow dry and possible wash before leaving the house. Sleeping over night will have caused the scalp to produce some oil and the afternoon heat will only add more to it. I never leave the house with unwashed hair. (unless I'm just out running errands)

Tip 3 : Blow dry with a relatively strong blow dryer. Weak ones will take forever and exposing your hair to heat for a long time will just damage it. On average I spend between 5-10 mins blowing my hair.

Tip 4 : Use a brush, that's one of the key to keeping your rebonded straight and it also helps to brush your cuticles back in shape (downwards movement). You may add serum to the hair after that to make it look nicer and smoother. I use Liese Hair Oil.

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