Monday, December 01, 2008

I've never felt so tired..

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. A lot of things have been going on with a major wedding happening in the household. Hiccups a long the way but it wasn't too bad for now. I haven't really slept well or enough ever since. With so many things in mind, like my tokyo trip coming up with insufficient funds ( more more more ), hp dying on me (lucky still got warranty but not for long), parcels from sprees waiting to be sent out, more orders to be submitted, purchase exchanges to be made, so many that I can't even recall right now.

After packing all the things for the dowry exchange and bringing it over was no joke. We had to borrow a van and even with 4 of us, we had our hands full and even a trolley. Right to the day before the wedding, I was shown hideous floral decor meant for the brother's cars. I swear it was the worse looking ribbon decor I've ever seen. If you've seen worst then I'll might just bring it down my shredder. I managed to modify it to look better by loosening up the ribbons. Later I found layers of dust left behind from it.

With tradition, sweet dumplings are essential. Usually it's impossible to get the tradition pink sugar balls and it was all done from scratch. My grandma used to do it last time and as a kid I've always been fascinated with it. So I just watch, learn it and now that has come in handy. ^^

My mum got me this body hugging black and gold glittery dress from Guess. It's really quite stunning and I got a black lace glove, hoping to pair it up but the lace sequins shawl just made it too much. So I didn't wear the glove -.- I also got a nice VS laptop bag with so call bling but it look more plastic to me. -.-" The pink dog came with it (some promo).

These are some random pix I took of my rabbit. i made a grass ball for him to push and snack on but recently he started to leave a puddle of pee (I'm guessing) in the center of the cage. I'm still trying to wonder why it's happening. It can be the puberty he's going through that makes him want to mark his territory or he's just trying to be naughty or with hay rolling around, it might cause it to pee else where or there are some complications, etc. I will want to rule out the last one though. ;p I can only know better on his next check up at the vet.

For now, my eyes can no longer open.. exhausion beyond tolerance ~

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