Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stay Tuned!

I've been researching the night before about neutering rabbits and even though there are some information about the procedures, I realised that no one has really shared their personal experiences on it. Hence, I've decided that I shall do that and for all new rabbit owners like me who know nuts about it - will have the chance to get a rough idea of how it feels like going through the whole process. In addition, I will also provide some of the things that owners should take note of. Advices are mostly read from online websites or provided by vets. =)

So stay tune!

:: Additionnal Updates ::

Joe and I celebrated out 7 yr anniversary together. It's been a long journey and we had a nice simple dinner at paragon. Before that I spend 2 hours dolling up. ;p

I curled my hair with Braun's Portable curler. It's quite convenient to use and the batteries can last quite long. I brought it along during the wedding dinner and used that to curl my hair. I'll upload pictures of that later. =) I curled with volumising mousse and hair spray to give it some oomp! My fringe was first cliped up with bobby pins and gently pulled forward to give it a bit of volume. The mids and ends are curled up and lightly twisted with my bling crown scrunchy that I got from my Taipei trip. It's nice if you can position it to the side to show the bling and I separated the curled ends and let it fall by itself. My tube blouse was bought from my favourite online shop blythezoo.

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