Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V Day!

It's that time of the year where you can have to excuse to buy presents for your love ones to declare your undying love for each other. LOL! We sure boosted the financial status of the economy with this very day. *sweat~*

I celebrated a day earlier but I suppose it doesn't really matter which day you do it on. =)

Presents for him ^_^

Presents From Him >_<
I totally adore the wallet and it's a seasonal color from Prada. Too pretty to keep my eyes off them!! The pouchette is for my handphone and just the right size for all my "ling-ling-long-long". I will post the bling project up soon.

Our dinner was at New York New York. I'm very into pastas and beef, and I had dinner once with my twin and childhood friend. It was amazing and the free candy floss was a bonus.

Aglio Olio with bacon and mushroom *thumbs up!*

My new Laneige Water Bank Gel. It has this nice floral smell and the texture is really light and watery. The minute you spread it on the skin, it turns to water. I'm still deciding between the Water Bank Essence or the Hydro Bank something.. (i forgot the name). Still, I'll have to wait till my Treatment Essence finishes before I invest in another. I was also thinking about the Star White Spot essence but somehow I have a feeling it might not help with the blemishes but I might just use the Star White toner instead of the pore care range. =) I'm using my Isetan vouchers on it, so must be careful on my choice of products. As girls we're always trying new products but I always try not to commit the wastage sin. Meaning you buy endless products and you still end up without a good regime to follow. Then you realise that with all that newly open products, they do have a shelf life span. So you end up throwing them away... ... That's not a wise thing to do at such bad times.

Not to mention, after the Vday gift - I'm going into wallet hibernation mode.


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