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Tokyo Holiday Jan 2009

I know I've disappeared for some time but there seems to be endless things to do and I feel I'm not finished yet. -.-" Nevertheless, I'm glad that I've sort out my Tokyo pictures and it really brings back those run days we had. Hopefully I will be back there thrice again.. lol! *Dream~

:: Tokyo Jan 2009 ::

It's late at night and I was so excited upon reaching T3, knowing that finally I'll be walking in through those gates and onto the new A380 for a 7 days relaxing (or freezing) Tokyo holiday. I absolutely waited long enough and prepared myself well for my second time there. I'm hoping for a 3rd though.. heehee.

After check-in and some snacking at the foodcourt downstairs, we hopped our way into the departure area and shopped a bit before heading to our gate.
There was this Vodka bottle with really Bling sequins on it and I almost got freaked out by that "model" sitting there (top left corner). T3 really looks quite grand and I can see why Changi Airport is still above the rest (top right corner). We stumbled upon a Louis 13 Liquor that came with an eye-popping price tag (Bottom pix) and the dfs staff told us some guy bought it that very morning. *faint* Just in case you can't see it clearly despite clicking on it, 50grand will make you fall off that chair of yours! So after some cam-whoring, we walked down that (super) long way to our gate for boarding. I can still feel that excitment from behind (center pix).

Of cos, the experience won't be complete without reserving our upper deck seats!! The interior is really nicer and more spacious as compare to the 747.

Look at that space and we're already at the back row! The big ar*e TV (love it!) and the side compartment for hand luggage (love it again) that doubles up as your head support while you sleep. ;p We had some supper and I wasn't ready for that 5am wake up call they gave us for breakfast. Well, it doesn't help to know we land at 7am too. Still the anticipation was high and we manage to get through that. =)

Finally, we landed and dashed our way to the customs. Our friends didn't quite get the cue of it but you can really wait super long if you're unlucky. An hour later, we hopped onto the airport limo for a comfy (and long) ride to our hotel . I merely slept for an hour or 2 and I'm dead tired on the bus. Still I managed to snap some pixs along the way. Look at those happy faces despite the exhaustion. Typical Tokyo housing (top left corner), do we see happy faces (top right and center), MLP - multi-level parking (bottom left) and CNG is also growing in Tokyo (bottom right).

Why waste time sleeping when we could be doing that at night. With those super heavy eye bags of ours, I brought them all to none other than Ginza. Let the shopping begin!!! If we're going to start, lets do it BIG first. Big brands, big boutiques, big prices. ROFL* We had some nice waffles along the way too. =)

We all know Japan is known for yummy handmade cakes and pastries. We chanced upon this at some high end mall and there was an endless queue going on. So Steven went to queue up despite our unsure faces as I remember such things don't come cheap and guess what?! They DON'T! A slice of it at the size of a small kueh lapis cake (round) is *get a hold of yourselves* S$300! that small slice we had was the cheapest of them all (get it?! SLICE only le!!) and we had to share it between the 6 of us. We really felt so pathetic standing outside watching people buy like boxes of it and all we had was a fraction of a slice. It was really good and we thought to ourselves, "We might just be crazy to even buy a whole cake anyway~" LOL! What's the attraction of it? Supposingly they claim that they make all of it with great dedication. So what you're paying for is not just the hand made cakes but their 101% love.

This was a mini race track found at a big toy store and the "boys" sure had fun. LOL! I call them boys coz they looked like they's became young with those little race cars. Glad that they enjoyed themselves. The staff were all decked out in racing suits and I believe they spent numerous times picking up their cars along the way. -.-" They do sell them individually and you can modify it to run faster, using their track to play with friends and a score board to keep track of your lap times.

Just some of the food I had in Japan and I think the cold weather coupled with our tired legs made them taste even better.

We chanced upon some organic restaurant, it was an accident and not being able to read japanese was one of the causes.
(center) The ladies in the trip and I'm so loving my pink abercrombie jacket. If you're wondering what happened in the train. The guys were discussing some jackass thing to do in full frontal of the japanese public eyes. They even negotiated a price to pay for Steven to do it.. and it was a mere 500yen and a mac ice cream. *faints* (Bottom left) As you can see, he's quite aware that everyone on the train was looking coz we were laughing so loudly and Japanese don't even talk loudly in public. What really happens? I'll leave that to your imagination~ of coz don't worry I won't put your video on YouTube but no promise for anyone else who gets their hands on it!!!

This is a famous Ramen shop in Shinjuku and we went back twice for it. Must visit it if you're there! The soup is so heavenly~ and all the absurd pictures you can take with the pig they put outside the shop. -.-"

Shopping, shopping and more shopping. I chanced upon my favourite Samanthat boutique and it's a must buy in Tokyo or at least for me. =) Joe also got a black label in burberry and we stopped to take pictures with the Prada concept boutique near Shibuya. The boutiques there all look amazing. O_O We also stopped by the arcade for some bear catching fun. I grabbed a bag of 3 soft toys playing a bear throwing game. Lucky~* Joe got that blue toy and I think it looks like him, always smiling in that silly cute manner.

My Samantha bag (center), beauty products and phone decor stuff (top and bottom right), Joe's new Adidas sneakers. So red!

I had maki for breakfast and off we went to the annual Tokyo Autosalon 09. It was crowded as usual and so so so cold that day. I had a soar back and imagine walking through 12 expo halls... ...

They managed to squeeze themselves into that small little car. lol! It's a good thing cars don't break easily. ;p Anyway, Japanese sure has a way of wow-ing the crowd, whether is it their endless creative ideas on "bling-ing" up their car or the babes they hired for the show. Even the recep girls look good!

Look at those cars!! and the cute babes too!! It's impossible to get pictures of them with the swamp of men around them. Ok, the highlight of the whole place is the best (at least to me)... ...

Whip out your shades ladies and gentlemen, behold the ultimate in car bling (literally!). I don't mind helping them out if they decide to do something like this again. hire me!!

After some tiring days, I realised my bag was breaking down.. damn! More loots from the autosalon and beauty store.

Time to answer our prayers. What will be lying ahead for the new year? This is a very famous attraction in Tokyo and the people are just pouring in to offer their prayers. Amazing! I love the small street side stores selling cute souvenirs and tradition cakes, freshly made.

Look at the crowd, it's astonishing. (Bottom right) That's where we're heading.. to get some fortune told.

After reading it, we were suppose to tie it to the metal rack beside it. Just look at the people behind us and the mass of them waiting to enter the temple (bottom right pix).

Have some water for blessing. Even animals can be blessed (bottom right) Apparently that's quite a popular pet in Japan.

A stop at Autobacs and we chance upon some nice car audio setup with quite a creative design. Oooooo wow~

Loots for the day include souvenirs from the temple, Walle for joe (since he loves them so much -.-), more hp decor stuff and I love the free tissue that they always give out on the streets. I was told the pink one has numbers for ladies to call up for gigolos. *ahem*

A day in bustling Akihabara and adorable Cosplay cafes. =) We enjoyed having cute waitresses in their cute dresses serving our quite amazing food. Although you do pay a price for an experience though. She made an adorable doraemon on my curry rice and mad joe do some cutsy action before eating.. muwhahahha..

We found a place that looks like Paragon and a display of bathing ape shoes that was disappointly not on sale. Sigh~

Yummy Ramen with that famous half boil egg and we can hang our coats behind us (bottom left pix). We later met up again and wore hats bought from Disneyland (by one of our travelling partners) throughout Shibuya. Don't you guys look cute! xD

After all those fun, it's time ot head home. Not forgetting a stopover at the ANA lounge before heading to our gate. Love the udon noodles and they had ana on the fish cake. So cute! I'm quite reluctant to go home but it's time.
Some banana pastry we bought at the train station (yummy!). Do try it out when you're there.

Our flight was delayed due to the congestion on the runway and we managed to gamble for a good 30mins before take off. I'm not going to mention the big winner (literally) for that day though.. ;p but we definitely had fun! Oh, one last loot, anna sui box for my oil absorption paper from Narita Airport and the paper that came with it had anna sui logo! Wow!

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