Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yoga Concert 2009

It's amazing how someone who loves music can actually go to her first pop concert at such an age?! Yeah~ besides the musical concerts I went at a tender age, I've never once went for any concerts of my favourite singers. -.-"'

I was quite excited by the thought of it even though S.H.E was only having a guest appearance, Yoga was quite a talented singer when he won the singing competition in Taiwan. I sat through every episodes of that show.

I was quite surprise at how pack the place is but the concert started later than 8pm.. some photo taking before concert starts.

He has quite an impressive voice despite the lack of PR skills but I was quite blown away by his live singing and it's just as good as the CD itself.

Sea of Blue

Singing a few oldies .. lol! Those were the days ...

Olivia ^_^

Finally, the concert was taken up a notch with the appearance of S.H.E. I'm amazed! I will love to go to their concert given the opportunity.

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