Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rabbit Talk

A regular day with my rabbit will go like this ~

(walks pass the cage to check on his grass - time to top up)
fufu : "bit ah"
(cont'd lying there with legs stretch out)
fufu : "mum mum ai mai?"
(gets up and stretch and gives me one big yawn)
fufu : "ooo so cute!"

Ever imagined if a rabbit can talk?

Rabbit : "yawn nia~ can let u happy ah? Let me try hoping around to see if she'll top up more grass in my bowl.."
(Rabbit hops with excitment or so I thought..)
fufu : "oh why very hungry ahhh... Ooo just wake up hungry orh~ "
(Begins stuffing bowl with a moutain of grass >~< )

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