Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What to do on a boring Monday?

What to do on a boring Monday? Do what I love doing ... hear the sounds of game machines and try my best to resist temptation. Resist and Temptation do NOT go well together!

Too Adorable to Resist!

I hang them on my bag and all over the room. >~<

Guess how much I paid for this ...

it's only $5.90!

Dinner @ Ah Orh Seafood was good as usual.. they have this old school charm that I remember as a kid, they were like the upper class restaurant during that time. You hear the constant cooking and everyone is busy serving dishes. It's so good, I'm very much addicted to their food and so finger licking GOOD!

We were celebrating a birthday and look what they prepared for us. Cute right!

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