Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yet Another Fun week

The week has been filled with ups and downs. Dealing with a dementia person is indeed stressful and emotionally draining but I will always find ways to unwind. ^~^ Such as window shopping, eating and a Cle De Peau Cosmetic Previews. I also bought 4D on Sunday but sadly the number came out the other way round.. should I buy again?? My friend mentioned that I should buy it 3 times and it was inspired due to an accident. Sadly, I don't seem to have luck with lottery everytime. *sobs*

Some stuff that I got over the last few weeks..

A new pee pan for my rabbit. It's huge! Look at the size difference from the old one.. but he's a big boy now and he does need more space for his business. Speaking of which I need to clean it soon before flies start to gather there. He's just so adorable and just got a fur cut in this picture. Sometime I wonder if he has some XO or Brandy in his saliva when he does grooming for himself. He's fur just grows and grows... I have to trim it every 2 weeks. >~<>
A present for my mum ^~^ I think the colour and satin material goes so well.

A new eye brightener, hopefully can get rid of my eye circles cos I sleep so late.. Yes, i know you want to punch me for that. Thou shall try to sleep early.. TRY. ;p

This is CanMake's new fake lashes. I'm not good with them but I got this to try coz it only covers 3/4 the length of a normal fake lash. The length of the individual lashes are from short to long. I'll try them one day and do a review on them. Usual price $9.90 but Watsons got discount!


Afternoon Tea With Cle De Peau Beaute...


What should I do without them??

That silver lining that tempts me to eat it all.. yum!

My all time favourite event that I long for every year. ^~^

He's really gentle and offers many tips.

Why so serious?!?!

The Evil Pair

Paparazzi Pic of The Week >.< Makeover By Cle De Peau Jap Makeup Artist

End Result

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