Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As I look on...

As I glance across my desk, I can't help but feel how fortunate and guilty at the same time, There I have one of the nicest, newest Camera, my bling-ed up Nokia back-up phone and a new addition to the family, the Nokia E71. >.< It's not my fault for changing my mobile at such short notice, given the (beyond) horribly soft ringtone of LG.. *sigh ~ If they do something about it, I will consider trying again. Btw, the dolby speakers are also CRAP! So here it is, the much anticipated Nokia E71. I spent quite a few days trying to looking for the red model and I think the price is fine and so far the phone has been good except it restarted itself last night in the midst of one phonecall.

I totally love the red but the chrome is quite a headache and my friend was commenting on how her colleague left finger prints all over it. My say? "You won't be seeing it very soon." LOL! I just can't stop blinging up my stuff but I won't complicate things this time. I'll be keeping it simple but I'm still deciding on the color. Should I have a pink phone? diamond looking phone? Mystical Black phone?? I'm shortlisting it to pink or diamond. ;p Speaking of bling phones, I shall present to u my spare phone. LOL! It's really ugly so I had to do something about it.

I transferred my (ling-longs) to my new phone

I have some leftovers here and there, so I decide to give it some cute factor for this. ;p I know this phone isn't nice but it's cheap and a better spare phone than my previous one. >.< I can hang this around my neck and not feel the strain at all. The battery is amazingly lasting, 3 days! OMG! I was talking and and sms-ing quite often.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Having yummy dinners and nice companionship. ^~^

Dinner proudly sponsored by (you know who you are)..;p

I was expecting them to present a burger the size of a mos burger but surprisingly it was big. Gotta love the fries!

Pasta was nice but disappointing for my standard. I prefer it to taste as good as it smells. This is absolutely for mushroom lovers as the amount of mushroom were over the top. The pasta on the other hand needed more herbs and garlic. I also had a yuzu ice tea, very refreshing. Love it!


Presenting to you ... ...

My new hair, I love how my crown now looks really poofed up but he cut way too much off my ends. So the overall effect wasn't what I expected.

Curly Curls.. with my curling tong, hair styling water and hair spray.

My new dress, love it to bits

The back of it.. <3

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