Thursday, April 23, 2009

Empire State

My stomach was growling as I made the walk down to Bugis from SMU. It ended at a later time and I was not just hungry but my feet had blisters from my shoes. Good thing that it was rather minor and I didn't need plasters for it.

I walked around the mall a bit but it was too boring for me. Lena popped over soon after and we went upstairs to Empire State for dinner. It's my first time there and I was thinking of settling with pasta at Coffee Bean before that. Since it's new, might as well try them out.
Cute Walls.. except I found the name not as cute..

Booth seats are nice and cosy

Cute lights, I wonder if they're from Ikea? Lena looks scary here.. haha

She's busy ...

New (Camera) model of the year.. LOL!

Hungry me!!!

GOD YEAH! Heavenly Pasta!!

Ok, back to reality.. YUM!

Meat Ball, the size of your fist! The beef is absolutely fresh!

Scary pic of the day, they need to think of safety measures for their super long escalator... It made my knees soft when I looked back.

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