Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Giving up on LG

I've decided to let go of my LG Mobile phone despite all the effort placed into but it's just crappy for me.. I don't know but maybe it doesn't suit me that well.

Anyway, someone is viewing it later and I'm viewing my other potential phone online. I've shortlisted a few and their pros and cons. I really hate changing phones within such short period of time and I don't intent on topping up any amount for my next phone with the amount I'm getting on this LG.

My initial plan was on the new Samsung Ultra Touch, it looks and feels pretty good and I can enjoy the touch screen and keyboard all in one.

Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag fo $498 even with a contract.. In addition, it's new and when things are new - we'll always end up paying more for it. Then 1-2 months later when it drops, I will want to stab myself with a fork. >~<>
So! With my budget in mind and the ever style consious me, I turned my attention to the Samsung Armani phone.

It's gorgeous and I'm already thinking of bling-ing that huge logo at the back of it but after using my Sharp phone last night, I steered my view to it's key board. It's sleek and flat but I wonder how is it to type with it. I tried to crack my brains to remember how my friend's phone felt when I trialed it the last time. The white was beautiful, the red flashing armani brand by the side was to die for but I somehow had a slight recollection that the keypad wasn't too good. I really wouldn't want to sweat it out trying to type one decent sms. The lack of features and a 2.2" screen was pretty much history for the past gazillion phones I had. LOL! Just exaggerating if ur wondering. I've always been a fan of bi g screens and always will be.

Finally, (for now) I'm putting most of my liking for the Nokia E63. Being an anti-nokia person for many years, I finally turn my attention on this amazing red "machine".
You can pretty much guess the color was what stopped me in my tracks. It's not that bulky and one condition for my phones are that they should at least give me the feel of existence in my hands. Meaning, it shouldn't be so slim and sleek that it will probably fall off without me even realising it. I love a solid phone with a good feel in my palms. Although I'm a bit worried of the key board and I wonder if I'll be slower with this. The good thing is I know for sure this phone is loud then I won't have miss calls or I don't need to keep checking my phone all the time. It's quite a P.I.T.A to be peeping at my phone all the time. I'm quite set on this one, so just waiting for contracts to end and hope my way down to starhub. *hehe* I can still pocket some spare cash after getting this phone.. so it's very reasonably priced.

Joe gave up talking to me about phones coz he can't stand my experimental habits. Still I love it even though I'm from outerspace (he reckons) on such things. I'm using a g*d da*n Japanese phone now as my backup. LOL!

\(^o^)/ All Hail Japanese!! \(^o^)/

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