Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nokia is Winning Me Over

I've decided to reserve a part of me while seeking the advice of Joe. I shall move on to a Nokia phone but he doesn't know I'm getting the E series. LOL! At least I can hear my phone from then on. ;p The soft ringtone of LG was quite a headache. If you're curious, the Motorola V series have rather good speakers. I used mp3 as my ringtone and I can hear it in my bag. You're probably going to ask, why not buy back that series? I already had like 3 Motorola phones before that and all were the same series as I couldn't resist the slim, sleek metal in my hands.

In my previous post, I shortlisted to the Nokia E63 being the more favourable one but now I have the E71 that I'm considering. These 2 are really tough to decide as they both have their pros and cons. Price wise is also quite a difference, $200!! They look so alike and the difference in size don't quite bother me. The red are both stunning and the devil in me that yearns for better technology sides the E71 more than teh E63. My eyes that set upon the price difference cannot agree but when I think of the resale value later, it's quite sickening too. so now, I'm siding to the E71 and later I shall see what Joe thinks between the 2.


:: The Tired Me, Yesterday ::

You can see my Jap phone in this picture.. it's nice but my thumb is aching from the sms-ing. This blouse was surprisingly quite cooling even though the temp yesterday hit a high of 36degrees. >.<

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