Monday, April 06, 2009

Revisit The Good Old Times

I revisited the zoo again with free tickets courtesy of a friend of mine. The last time I was barely 10 and the zoo left me an impression of how stinky it was .. but being kids, we will still enjoy it no matter what.

Now it has improved so much that I'm impressed and convinced that we do have one of the best zoos around. The remake of the rain forest look must have cost them a lot of time, effort, creativity and money to build. The animals are so close that the experience is unlike before. You feel like you've entered their very own world and humans are like part of their lives.
They had this huge bridge with lushes greenery around it but you wouldn't want to venture below it as you never know what lurks underneath.


Not a fan of snakes but now I know which to avoid... ...

Don't even think of provoking them... read the news and you'll know why.

Oooo... I love to do that everyday. =)

Cute, isn't it? Don't even think of touching it...

Artistic Pose

Finally, we must see our world famous Orangutans ^^ I miss ah meng!

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