Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Evil Twin's Bday 09

It's yet another day when someone turns a year older. ^~^

We had dinner at P.S Cafe where we can relax with the greenery and cute waiters. LOL! Just kidding. ;p Anyway it's one of our favourite hangouts and we celebrated her bday at the same place last year.

We were there early and the bday girl had to stay back at the office. So we had no choice but to order a bowl of fries that came with rather nice BBQ Sauce and some thai white sauce. Yum but definitely not a ideal starter for jus the 2 of us. Just half way through we were starting to feel the effect in our tummies. >.< Guess the mystery hand!

Finally after more than an hour, the guest star arrives with her camera.. cam whore! ;p

Marquita also took her us.. and of coz, I already had mine out. LOL! I try to take as much pictures as possible. They are really memorable to look at. ^_^

Bday cakes are no longer needed..lol! What you want is a fabulous dessert. ;p~

We all need a girl's night out. ^_^

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