Sunday, May 24, 2009

Insane Crocs Sale

For once, I think it's a sale worth going ... Sadly, I only managed to grab the white crocs in my size but I'll be heading back there later. ^~^

Included in the loots were 2 E63. I felt relieved that I got the E71 instead as I didn't really like how they package the E63 and the feel of it. Anyway, those phones are not mine.. ;p If it were to be mine, you'll be seeing a Samsung.

Taking a break with my evil twin at Crystal Jade.. afternoon tea anyone? I love the jelly in it, yum!

I can understand how kids love Happy Meal, I have it once in a while and be happy looking at that cheery yellow box. I can't imagine I walked with that box back home. -.-"

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