Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Second Visit To The Shangri-La The Line

It's been years since I last went to Shangri-La The Line and I can tell you how disappointed I was the last time. Their buffet's ain't cheap and the food was not at a standard that I would be satisfied with. I decided to pop by The Line with Joe after work and reward ourselves well. Good food never fails to perk us up. ^~^


I started off my meal with,

The appetizers were yummy and they were mostly seafood!! ;p~ My favourite! Normally Joe would not like it but if he enjoyed it and commented that they were good.

Shashimi~~ oowww another favourite. I couldn't have enough of shashimi and the salom was amazing. Joe took the rest of the sushi as I don't really eat those. >.<

Look at that yummy shashimi - sadly I'm not a Tuna fan.. I preferred it grilled.

The pizza wasn't impressive but the meat were amazing. I especially love the grill beef and salmon coupled with that Chargrilled smell. Mmmm.. The black piece of meat is actually ostrich meat and the marinate for it was not too bad.

Medium Rare Grilled Beef

Along the grill section, there's the grilled cray fish that Joe complained about a guy who inconsiderably took 8 pieces out of the 10 that they displayed. Then the lady in between took 2, so he came back empty handed. I walked to get the dim sum and saw the plate empty. While on my way back, I walked passed the grill meat and reversed back to the plate. There they were, 2 scrumptous looking cray fish that everyone was snatching over. I quickly took the 2 and came back proudly to show Joe my "catch". However, I think those people over reacted and I found it nice but not worth fighting over for. It would have been nice if there was a sauce for it.

I have no idea what that was but Joe said it was salmon. It tasted like Delifrance Tuna Pastry and it's quite fragrant.

Joe sliced all the dim sum into half for me.. ooowwww so sweet. It's been very long since I had really good Har Gao and I think the ones there were amazing. The skin did not fall apart and it had a good texture. The prawn was fresh and crunchy.

I liked how Joe said that this was the first time he ate lotus gutinous rice that actually HAD the smell of lotus. I must agree that it was the best I had so far. The smell of the lotus leaf was significantly infused into the rice and the texture was the softest I ever had. Amazing!

Now for some local flavour, satay. I took a second serving of Har Gao and some beef and mutton satay. It was well marinated and grilled to perfection. However, you can skip the lontong.

Dessert was so sweet that my hair stood up. I'm not a sweet tooth person but the desserts were nice.

Even the watermelon was good.. ;p~ Sweet, juicy, YUmmY!

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