Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiring But "Full"filling Day

I started my day early and ended later than I expected but good food kept me going. ^~^ Lunch was proudly sponsored by my evil twin, thanks for the crab bee hoon and yummy chicken pies. The soup was oh so sinful *_* but it's good!

What awaits us in the pot?

Oooo lala! The soup is sinful but oh so good..

We worked all the way till 8.30pm and hopped our way out dinner @ Waraku East Coast.

Huge Ice Green Tea

Huge Udon!

One of my favourite =) Sad that the salmon belly was sold out...

Value for money set meal

Cold Noodles, Yum! I forgot to take 2 of the grilled yakitori that we ordered coz too hungry ;p

Say, cheeze


What to do on a hot day?

Snooze away... ...

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