Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wassup Man

Wassup babe?

It's been a hectic weekend and the late nights spent trying to complete my reports is starting to take a toll on my eyes. >.< I could hardly open my eyes while lunching and more assignments are waiting for me to complete now. Initially, it felt a little straining but I'm learning to enjoy the process, relax a little and pick up new tricks along the way.
I took up more tasks over the weekend.. or rather I was threw with more of them. I simply said okay but was given more than I asked for. Still, it's a good start and I'm somehow looking forward to more while I rushed my assignment officer for more and more. For now, I just wanted to keep doing it. =)

Updates on a lighter note,

I just like to show you this cute boy called Aiden.

He is just too adorable to miss. My friend who saw his picture commented, "He looks like out of an Anime or poster." Hahahaha! Sure, I thought the same as well.

Except that, he's just like the other babies who can totally crash your TV or destroy your remote control. ;p Watch out! Here he comes with that REMOTE!!!


EBooks, The New Trend In Reading ... ...

Having a solid book to hold in my hands have always been a preference but I believe in the new future, E-Books are the way to go. I've just made my first investment on an E-Book last night. I happen to come across this story of a lady called Kasandra Kong.
She's pretty, slim and demure - hidden behind all that loveliness were the pain, hurt and awakening process that got her writing. I read through her website and finally decided to put down the chips and get that book. It was sent to me very promptly in an hour and I was glued to my screen reading for the next 2 hours. I've yet to finish the whole book but I've covered 2 years of her tormented life with her ex-bf. Although my relationships have never been that messed up but in between those lines, you will find some of the things that she had gone through to be similar to what you may have experience or experiencing.

Now that she has awakened from her so called "dream", it somehows gives me an awakening as well. The quotes in there are helpful and as much as I can share this E-Book with anyone but I think that will not be a motivating factor for that receiver. Unless you wish to help yourself, then go ahead and get it! Two thumbs and toes up for her courage to have gone through what she has and for sharing it to the whole world and probably changing people's life as well.

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