Thursday, June 04, 2009

Acrylic, Once Again

I was just casually strolling around, running errands when a nail salon caught my attention. More importantly, it was the $50 acrylic overlay that stopped me in my tracks. I asked a few questions and decided to go ahead with it. ;p

It's been a long time and I really missed my acrylic nails.. sobs~ As I looked on, a thought came to mind and this weekend I'm going to do acrylic for my evil twin. LOL!!!! Yeah, she be my first guinea pig. Don't worry, I'll be gentle eh~ (sinister laugh)
I'm so bad at taking pictures... :(

I've changed my phone again.. well, I was planning on using this for surfing the net but there has been a change of plan and I'll be selling off my E71. I'm just not a fan of nokia and even though this phone has been out 2 years ago, its so pretty and I can't take my eyes off it. Good thing is the ringtone, so bl**dy loud! The camera is also good =)

Anyway I need to save up as I might be going on a trip end of the year.. just maybe, got the fweeeling but not sure yet. So, better just save first and think later.. Please don't remind me of any GSS right now!

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