Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shine That LG

Spending a few hours each day, I managed to finish this in 2 Days. I'm not totally satisfied with the colours but it was a last minute change of design and I had to use what I had. Times are bad, so cannot anyhow spend money you know ~ ;p

Presenting, my bling leopard LG Viewty..

My tools..

Ta Nah!

Back of the phone..

Someone commented it looked like a cow.. lol!

More cow.. lol!

I did a letter F by the side but its not very visible in the picture.

Oh, not forgetting the stylus!


This is an old picture that I dig out from my camera.. I was testing the hair bun thingy that I got online..

Ipod Touch is definitely a must have for me.. I listen to music very often and the games are just amazing! I'm almost completing Sally Spa.. =)

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