Thursday, July 16, 2009

Age Does Not Equate To Maturity

Now that I've ranted, I feel much better =D

I can understand now why woman will prefer older man but in rare circumstances, older man might not equate to maturity. I've met just one after so many years when the only immature, insensitive men that I've met were at the age of 14 or ba*tards who leave their wives for .. some so call "true love" (if you know what I mean).

After so many years, I never thought I would want to bump into man who have no sense of responsibility with their words or they think that their so call "humorous" side was even funny to begin with.

Rule #1 : Never try to be "overly" funny coz as much as a girl loves to be humored, a brainless joke will not be entertained.
Rule #2 : Always relate your jokes according to topic unless you want to cover up the fact that you can't tolerate jokes from others.
Rule #3 : This is the one rule everyone should follow.. never cross the line when it comes to joking with the other party. If you can't take jokes then don't even try to sound funny. Zzzz

I reserve my harsh words coz I do not wish to stoop to that kinda quirky behaviour of yours.


(lets out a relieve sigh~)
I feel blessed to have found a man who doesn't behave like that.

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