Sunday, July 05, 2009

How to solve the picture uploading problem..

ok, the picture uploading problem is still there but I'm trying out this suggestion given by another blogspot user. If you're having the same problem as I do, just right click on the picture at the other window where you're uploading the picture and copy the image address. Then use the img html code to insert pictures but I just realise my layout went a bit bonkers the next day. -.-"

Ok, now to continue on with my blog post. -.-"'


Last Sunday, I managed to have some free time and I went out for Brunch with my twin. I decided to try using the tongs to volumize my hair and it kinda worked.

The lays came out looking better and especially those around the neck area that tends to go in the wrong direction every single time.

(me and my bling up phone)

The ambiance was perfectly relaxed and the food was oh so good. Except for the service, it was a little slow. I know, I know.. it's Sunday but that doesn't mean you can take 30minutes to top up my pot of tea and not return it to me. >.<

Lena trying to be funny, okok.. H-A-H-A.

I finally had Ratatouille and I seriously did not know it was a vegetarian dish. It's light and perfect for brunch. The other was chicken finger with fries but I did not fancy it that much (being an anti-fried food person). I realised that I did not mention where I went, it's PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance.
I normally go to the one at Dempsey but we were on wheels that day, so we went to the one in town. We had a bad experience at Paragon and this was so-so. Dempsey is still way better than the other outlets in terms of service.


Next food review is for this Japanese Soba Restaurant that claims to have good soba.

Honestly, I don't like it and either I do not know how to appreciate what a good soba is like or it tastes like those from the frozen dept in the supermarket. Hence, I'm not planning to return to that place in the future. Not to mention, the prices are not that cheap as well but the other dishes in the set meal was quite good. The chicken I had was delicious, the tempura was freshly fried but the salmon, although glistering away under the light - did not quite taste that sweet.


My Bday Pressie for myself and YES! I bought it coz it's cute (roll eyes). I will fear that it be one of those purchase that I regret having. So far, comments have been cute and maybe I will use it on my next trip. =D I don't have plans to bling it up YET till I get accustom to it and have no thoughts of selling it. Oh, if you're wondering what it is - It's a phone and it can be used here.

China made, so called mimicat phone -.-"'

My huge ribbon ring.. ;p
Joe was like, "What the hack is this?!"

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