Monday, July 27, 2009

Rimmel London

I've recently gotten a few new beauty products. So it's time to do a review post that I've not done since the last time I closed my beauty review blog.

Firstly, I like to introduce this brand, Rimmel London. I only knew about this brand when I was reading the newspaper or magazine. It was recommended by a popular local make-up artist and currently, their products are available for sale at Watsons. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to make-up but my last make-up base is not up to expectations. Hence, I've decided to give this brand a go. I wiki-ed about the brand and realised how long a history it has been for this brand.

1) Foundation Primer

We all know foundation primer is used to smooth out the pores for the ease of foundation application. I've used a few brands ranging from on the shelf products to high end brands. They either felt too thick or close to nothing. I ended up having more clog pores and I knew I needed to change it before it gets worse.

What did I do? Order online, of course! LOL! Online shopping is so addictive that outdoor shopping has been sort of history for me. Even though I knew it was available in Watsons, I still went ahead to order online. It was cheaper and I could do it at the comfort of my own home. Even though with the convenience, I will still like to warn you guys on finding the right website for safe purchase reasons.

This is what the primer looks like when you squeeze it out from the tube. The texture is not as thick as compared to some and it has a slight tint to it. There a 001 code on the tube but I seriously had no idea if there are different colors to a primer or not. I just bought it without knowing. ;p (Please do not learn.. "姐姐是有练过哦") I freaked out a little at first as I thought the color looked too peachy for my skin tone but I went ahead to apply.

After spreading it out on half of my hand (right side), there's totally no color whatsoever. It feels light and really smooth, as if there's a layer of powder over it. =) I've used it a couple of times already and I think so far it's been good.

This is what the concealor looks like and it's called "Hide The Blemish Concealor". I like this as it helps to lighten the blemish marks while hiding it under the foundation. They have a few shades for you to match to your complexion but I chose neutralizer as a precautionary measure. I was not very sure of the color and neutralizer looked like it will match any complexion.

When applied, it feels a little cakey and do pat it well immediately as it turns powdery quite soon. I love that it gives a very nude coverage to the blemishes, especially to the dark eye rings.

Like the primer, you literally don't see anything.. >.< LOL! Still, it makes a difference when you apply it to you blemishes and dark circles. =) So, I guess I'll be using this for awhile. ^_^

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