Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank You Peeps!

I'm trying to get around the problem with blogger so I'm still going to post. ;p

Sharing my pressies with everyone.. Thanks peeps for the pressiess!! =D I feel so blessed to have you guyz and girls.

:: BDay Pressies ::

My first present was from my mum but that's after a conversation we had about it..

(gleefully shopping at CK Tangs)
mum : "Come, what do you want as birthday present?"
me : (ponders)
mum : "How about a trinket?"
me : (sianz expression..shakes head) "I rather buy cosmetics.."

happily we went downstairs and M.A.C was the natural choice for me.
I've not used their foundations before and I'm dying to try it out.
Hence, I picked the liquid foundation as the SA claimed it provided
better coverage and the studio fix plus was good for oily skin.
Followed by, the blotting powder that she recommended to me. I was
initially skeptical of the color as it seemed fairer than my skin but 2
person has commented that it looks quite natural that 1 of them asked
if I had makeup on. ;p

Next up,

San, came along to my place for some handicraft project and she bought 2 cakes to celebrate my bday with me. Oooww so sweet! Yummy cheese cake from bakers Inn and she also bought a floral hair clip that is all the craze for this spring summer collection in VIVI magazine. I've seen them around but never really thought of buying it. Now that I have one, I can test it out. =)

Other gifts that I received were a Swarovski Piggy handphone strap. Another member to my pig family ^(OO)^ and a very very nice tea cup. *_* i really love to look at nice cutlery and pottery.. including teacups and I imagine using it for afternoon tea. ;p It's just too lovely, so now it will sit in my cupboard till the occasion comes along.

:: Loots ::

I recently got this all purpose cream after watchin many reviews on youtube. it seems to be some miracle cream and they even have a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it. Amazing isn't it! it's made of just a few ingredients and they're all natural. At $50 a tub, I think it's not too bad and judging by the tiny bit of amount for the face, it might just last me more than a year.

It's all natural oil based and you might wonder if it's suitable for oily skin type. I do have oily skin and so far it's been fine. In fact, I was also scared it might clog my pores but so far it's been good and I used a very small amount, rubbing it on my palms before I pad it onto my skin. if you apply a pea size like what we usually do with the other moisturisers, you might find it really sticky. Although some claimed that it will be smooth after absorption, I beg to differ. when I applied the normal amount, it felt sticky and the feeling did not go away. So I suppose I will only need a small amount for my skin type. This can also be applied to the eyes and I actually did. I find it more moisturising than an expensive eye cream brand. =) It was mentioned that it can heal scars and I'm monitoring my blemishes to see if it will lighten after some time.

Lastly, I'm also using it as a make-up base. My last one was a Japanese brand with HA ingredients that supposingly moisturised the skin but my makeup always melt very quickyly. My complexion gets really oily with the hot and humid weather. I do wonder if it's the skin care products and I'm still experimenting around. A tiny amount is used as make-up base and I let it absorb for a few minutes while I blow my hair. It doesn't apply oily since I use very little but it covers the face well. I was out most of the time and I realise my make-up doesn't melt as bad as before. Currently, I've abandon my other make-up base. ;p It's been a while and I've not notice any increase in clogs after using it as a make-up base. In fact I found the old one quite thick in texture and clogged pores was quite a headache for me.

I would give the moisturiser another review 1 or 2 months down the road. =) Currently, I'm just loving it.

:: Handicraft Project ::

I know making angels are like so old-fashion but they're cute. =)

I sketched out the design on my notebook before hand to have an idea what it might look like. It did turn out quite nice.. except the wings were kind of heavy and i did not bind the angel tight enough. Still I'm quite satisfied with the result.

My angel =)

This piece is really nice but as usual I did not take a nice picture of it.. thanks to my shakie hands and ammm.. mobile camera. ;p

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