Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Which Foundation? Help!

My foundation is finishing soon and I'm wondering what I should switch to next. Although many have commented about the BB cream but I've yet to read much good reviews on it. There are also too many BB creams out there and I have no idea which is a better one. >.<

Suddenly as I was trying to add in the images below, blogger starter going bonkers AGAIN and deleted 2 paragraphs of my post. I'm not re-typing thats for sure! I'm going to switch to other blog servers if they're not fixing the problems they're having SOON. It also readjust my alignment with every preview I make. Suxs!

M.A.C Studio Fix ??

Everyday Minerals??

New Revlon Mineral Mousse said to last 16hrs??

My twin is using this but I don't fancy liquid foundations as I find them messy and I can't bring them out for touch ups.

How about the pressed powder version?

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