Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clothes Revamp Part 1

I'm writing this post as my show was temporarily not working. Don't you find it frustrating when you're watching half way and the mood is there .. then an error message pops up just at the last part of the show. (bangs wall) Sigh~

Anyway, over the weekend I did something out of the ordinary with my (really) ordinary clothes. =)

I bought that large sash and only used it once.. or maybe none, I don't quite remember. It's really huge.. that pink cushion is about the size of my pillow and you probably are wondering why I bought something like that. When I got it, I just thought it was quite something that I could not miss out on. Even if I did not know when I will be using it but I knew it's something I will want in my wardrobe. Accessorising is an important aspect, whether is it bags, shoes, sash, necklaces, rings, etc. The white blouse was from a dress I got recently and it was the first time I'm wearing it. Partly the dress did not come as expected and I need to do some alterations. =) I shall post that one up when I'm done with it.. some time (not so) soon. LOL!!! XD

Oh right, the black shorts is quite puffy. I had wanted to do a modelling shot of the end product but I forgot. I thought it would look quite cute and it matches the slight puffiness of the sleeves. Although the 3/4 pants will work pretty fine with the top but I was planning on wearing flats. =)

Now, all I need is some pins and decide on the position of the sash..

.. and I can start pinning away. Just some 10 minutes later,

What you will get is a big sash ribbon top. I just love to add a bit of drama to my clothes with really simple things. It was just one of those days when suddenly I felt like doing something new. ;p

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