Monday, August 03, 2009

The day I Thot I had h1n1

What used to be a common flu, no longer seems as normal as before. As I grew restless in the night with fever reaching 38.7degrees, it sends a wave of panic as to whether I have h1n1.

I've heard from a friend about how her colleague would bare with her throat infection because she was scared of going to the doctor only to be told she might get 'it'.

Unfortunately, my symptoms were more fearful as my fever was constantly above 38 and my body aches got worse the following day. I was coughing since day 1 and I knew I had to do the one thing that I should be responsible for, getting the influenza test.

As I step into Raffles Hospital, the staff identified me as I passed through the thermo scanners. By the time I was beside him, a red sticker awaited me and k had to fill in my name. He offer a mask and I realized how unsafe it can be for anyone. I had to put my hand into the box and if anyone were to have some form of virus or illness would have spreaded it through the hands. That's just one of the flaws I noticed when i first walked in.

I was still running a temp and I could hardly stand well with the body aches and it made me a little nausea too. So u see, with all these symptoms, how not to panic.>.<

The guy quicky urshered me to an outdoor area where I was offered the influenza test. It's nerve wrecking as I could not enter the clinic till I clear the test and you may choose not to take if but there be a super long wait. Still, I think I should be a responsible citizen and take the test for the sake of the people around me.

It's a simple swap test where the will take samples from the back of the mouth and then wait for the results. I gagged a little as she placed the swap in and it did cause a bit of discomfort. By then I needed the bathroom urgently and that was when I found another flaw. I had to approach the girl for a key and she showed me to a portable toilet that was a slight distance at the corner of the building. She was not wearing any gloves as she passed me the keys and when I return it to her, she took it with her bare hands. You can see what I'm getting at right.. She could have easily gotten the flu virus through contact with me and considering they were sat with patients having fever, they had no protective gear. Another girl was chatting on her mobile and even fell asleep later on. Tsk tsk

There was also no soap or hand santizer in the toilet..

Anyway, my results showed negative and the nurse even made me nervous when she paused for a split sec before telling me. Phew...

Eventually it's a throat inflammation that was causing all that discomfort. So do go to the clinic and get tested to avoid harming those around you.

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