Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do Apples Really Make Me Feel Better?

There always an old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. 

Well, my Macbook is being hospitalised now and I'm not enjoying it at all. 
Firstly I need to share the computer with my mum and breaking the habit of being stuck to the Internet for 18hours a day is like asking a coffee addict not to drink coffee. I know my Mac has been in and out of the service centre for the 3rd time. The first 2 was the screen but it was fixed on the second round. Sadly, iShop did not fix the superdrive as I realised it's been spoilt since the first day I got it back from the previous repair. All along I thought there was something wrong with my CDs and Dvds as I was told my older model was not able to play + disc. It was only when I decided to bring it in before my warranty ends this weekend that I realise there was something wrong with it. Anyway, I told the guy to do a full check since I won't be able to enjoy free servicing in the future. Sobs! I didn't realise how time flies so quickly and it's been years since I got this Macbook. It has served me well and it will continue to do so. i just feel like keeping it forever even though I'm (extremely) tempted to get a new computer. Yes! I've been pondering for the past 2 days and I'm hoping to bring Joe to the store tomorrow to see what he thinks of it. 

I was initially thinking of getting a Dell. Yes, I know how people always say their computers are lousy but they have the smaller desktop models that I prefer over the bulky, traditional kinds. As a girl, design does hold a slight importance and size is a factor for me. I'm not all out to build a super machine like how some guys will upgrade their CPU with newer stuff from Sim Lim. All I need is convenience, simplicity and a bit of speed. I felt so crippled using the desktop now as I can't seem to type properly and I make like 3-4 mistakes (or more) for just one sentence. Maybe I'm used to typing on laptops for the past 8 years and I just can't tap on the right key. Mind you, my fingernails are short... way short. Back to Dell, I tried to customise a Quad Core Desktop and the price was rather cheap but I was told if I DIY, it be cheaper. That's coming from a guy and I'm not good with DIY. Sadly, you don't get small cpu systems when you diy. Maybe that's why I got my macbook in the first place... besides being Apple (it was like a dream come true at that time), I loved the convenience of a laptop.

Evil Twin, "but you don't bring your laptop out.."

True, to a certain extent. 
I do bring it out but seldom. Still, I occasionally love to "migrate" around the house and if you're going to suggest a Netbook.. just bang my head against the wall. Earlier, I was using a net book as my mum used the computer and I seriously think it sux. I almost wanted to just bang my head against the wall and go to sleep. It's impossible to surf with that thing and it's so slow. Maybe it's the model as I've used other brands and it was still acceptable. But..but.. I think it is the slowest computer I've ever used in my entire life. So, I've derived a conclusion that speed is very very very essential for me. Apple fulfilled that to the extend that even the startup of windows can occasionally be excruciating for me. I'm just exaggerating but it's true that Macs really are way faster for the same specifications on the Windows.

Joe, "but you've always like apple and if you get the windows, it's like pasting a plaster over a wound."
 Sigh~ True as well. 
Still, Apple products are more expensive in the market but they're worthy in their own way. When I first got my Macbook, I could have gotten a windows laptop with better specs but after using it, I knew why some users raved about it. Just 1 or 2 months back, I was still dreaming about having a whole collection of Apple products and how nice it will look on my desktop. From the Macbook to the iPod, then the iPhone and iMac. God! I need a Jackpot!! Ok, for now I've fulfilled 2 items and I'm seriously still thinking of the imac every other minute for the past 48hours. Although I can also get the Macbook Pro but when I saw the iMac at the store that day, I was blown away. Not to mention, the 2 products are similar in pricing but the warranty for the Macbook pro is way more than the iMac.

Ok, I'm going off to bed to dream of the iMac (stones for a second) .. I think I'm getting some kind of withdrawal syndrome of not seeing the Apple in front of me. >.< (sigh) Well, I've got a really early Saturday and I shall make a final decision at the store. 

24" come to mama..

oh! By the way, I almost tempted my friend into selling off her 1 week old laptop to get an Apple. LOL! The power of Apple! Yes, I love Apple and there's nothing you can say to make me hate it. ;p

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