Monday, August 24, 2009

I miss Taiwan

What did I do in the last hour?? Hmm...

I walked my way out into the cool, breezy night for some recollection of "Taiwan Memories". You must be wondering what the hell am I talking about?!?! Let's see.. (hmm) bubble tea? muah chee? friend chicken cutlet? Where do we find that?? I decided to slip into my old slippers, hair's all tied up and in good old HDB fashion style, I hopped my way down the 2 flight of stairs. =)

I think I probably hopped down these stairs a million times since I stayed here. ^_^

I hope in the near future they have lifts that can teleport us to places that we want. For now, we'll stick to our old fashion means of up-down transportation. >.<

Surprisingly quiet as the lift doors closed. I suppose on a Monday night, my neighbours prefer to stay home and rest those Monday blues away.

So dark out there.. I tried not to sms and walk at the same time but I just had the habit of doing it. Always remember to check blind spot ah!

So where the hell are you going?!?!

To our friendly neighbourhood pasar malem (of cos!) =D~ I know it's common in some neighbourhoods but it's not at mine. With the ramadan festival around, it's more crowded than I thought. I somehow missing one of these even though they always sell the same things and food. Still, the food wins the crowd when it comes to night markets and that includes me.

My second cup of bubble tea already, courtesy of my friend. =) what's in my blue bag?? Muah Chee, what I'm enjoying right now at this very second. Mmmmmm~~

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