Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prettia / Liese Hair Foam Color

For those who have read my Japan tour posts would have know that I've been using this hair dye for quite a long time and even till today I've not tried a different color other than the one shown below. This is probably the first time I stay so loyal to one brand, one color. It's my third box and I was ecstatic when I saw it selling in Watsons, $19.90. It's definitely cheaper in Japan but the price difference ain't huge.

I bought it during my Tokyo trip in Jan and I regretted not combing the whole shelf. ;p Ok, I was just exaggerating but it's really one hair dye that's so gentle, I don't feel my scalp burn or itch and I can spread it easily. The foam makes it feel like you're washing your hair but for even coverage, I still advise that you take your time to section your hair and spread it evenly to the roots and inner layers. I spent a whole 30 minutes just on my lower half of my hair as I can't tolerate seeing areas that are not covered. Then it will look like I have black patches...

As you can see the packaging is quite similar for both japan and singapore. I kept the box for reference if I ever needed someone to buy it for me. That's the same ash brown color that I've been using for like many many many months. Only on my last trip to the salon, the stylish colored for me but the base did not turn out as expected. It had a slight red copperish tint. So I'm using this to touchup my roots and hopefully darken the hair color by adjusting the base color.

I left the color on for quite a long time, not necessary for those without highlights. Even so, not all my highlights took in the color.. frustrating yeah.. and I totally hate the streak that the stylist did at the front. sigh~ Unfortunately I can only trim it off on my next hair cut scheduled in another 2-3 months. >.< I'm trying to grow my hair out, so I only cut my hair every 3 months or if possible longer than that.

You can see the before picture, where the red tint is quite strong.. to me that's so old-fashion. I love a matte finish with a greenish base or at least yellow tint after the color has faded. The yellowish highlights are quite clear in the before picture and I took both under natural lighting. The after color looks a little dark but in actual it's lighter and you can see that the highlights have turned an ash brown color. Unfortunately, highlights do not absorb the color for long and it fades with every wash. That's what happened to my last hair color and after fading, it will look like the before picture (referring to highlights). Maybe I should experiment on Joe's hair and do some highlights yeah! LOL! It be fun..hehehe

This was taken under my room light, as you can see, it's much lighter as compared to the picture before. I will continue with this color to achieve back the brown base that I used to have. No copper! No reddish tint!

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