Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple Is Now Part of My Family

I just got home after a tiring day.. and I'm full, full, full. So, I'm gonna blog a little, facebook here and there, watch youtube for awhile before koonz-ing. >.<

F1 seriously rocks! It's just one of the sports that I enjoy watching. ^~^ It's something that I look forward to every year.


I whipped out my camera that has been sitting in the drawer for a tad too long and I digged out some pictures I took before I left for my trip.

:: Apple Family ::

I took a family photo of the Apple stuff I have and those that my love ones have too.

That's my Doraemon from Happy Meal XD.. It's adorable (so) I just keep it on my desk to look at it. That's my old Mini iPod and it has served me well through the many years it's been with me. I hardly ever ever ever see anyone use it anymore, EVER! Then, there's my new iPod Touch next to it. That's my source of entertainment, music, games, Internet and something to keep my ears from aching during my plane rides. >.<

The red one is Joe's 3Gs IPhone and the white one is my brother's older version of the iPhone. There still one more iPod missing in this picture. They just look so pretty together. ^_^

Together with my trusty Macbook.. I'm so neglecting it since I got my iMac. Sorweee =( but it's just one of those times when it's there but I seldom use it and it comes in handly when I need it. (walks up and down pondering)

The group photo together with my iMac. I just love them all and I simply enjoy Mac. It will be nice if I can have a wireless keyboard and mouse, yeah?

:: Loots :: 

My full collection of Sex and The City!! Finally! All original, all sexy. =) I now have every single episode in my iMac and I can breeze through them while relaxing on my nice, soft feather pillows. (ahhhh....) As you can see, I have other Japanese and Korean shows nearby.. hehehe =)

whats next? more loots (maybe) and a new wall color ... ...

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