Saturday, September 05, 2009

iMac wins! I lose!

I was going to break the suspense.. but I'm a bit tied up the past few days.
So, yes it's here. I've finally set my mind on it after it literally filled up my whole brain 24/7 for 3 days. I knew I just have to get it!

Behold the new generation of iMac ^_^

I'm so used to seeing Apple products in white that the aluminium felt quite cyber space to me. Nevertheless it's nice and modern, with sleek lines. I never knew I will like something so "cold" but the screen just blows me off. I was planning on the 20" but it's just ridiculous to give the 24" a miss when it's starring right back at me at the store. Everything else just faded away and I knew I wanted it but just held back a little longer for the sake of the suspense. lol!

The box was huge.. and I placed my Vivi magazine next to it as a comparison. Mind you that a Vivi magazine is quite big and I feedback to the store that they should start giving trolleys. If not for Joe, I have zero idea who I can even carry this home. Correction! I couldn't even bring it down the escalator...

Just look at that baby... droolz~ It totally matched my speakers too! XD I'm so in love with it! I shall do an Apple family picture one day.


:: Freebies from Bintan ::

:: Loots ::

I got this from F21.. the hair band is adorable and it looks as good as when I saw it on the picture. The ribbon clip comes as a pair and it can be conveniently used to clip my hair when I needed a quick fix without the lack of cuteness. ;p
This wallet can be used when my long wallet doesn't fit into my purse. Sadly it came a little bigger than expected but I still love how slim it looks.

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