Friday, September 25, 2009

Loots and more loots...

The haze is getting on my nerves and I've got to diligently put on sunblock all over before leaving the house. Hopefully the weather will be cooler at the end of the year. =)

I've not been a good girl and shopping is seriously a weakness for me. I'm trying to control it as much as possible. >.< 忍!!!

Okay, I shall post up some of my loots from my recent trip and the months before. Even with a wardrobe full of clothes, I've no idea why it always seems inadequate... Just last night I was flinging out old and some even brand new out of the closet. Either they don't fit me or the quality wasn't what I expected. Please let me win something in the 9.7mil TOTO tonight!!!

:: Loots :: 

This speaker is adorable and I don't have to tell you why I got it, yeah! Hint, it's the color... It's not bad for on the go use but the wire is way too short for this one.

Next up, my new tin of collagen from Meiji. I got a load of Sappe Collagen from Thailand but I finished it all up already. So I decided to be diligent and have Meiji instead. It claims to have whitening ingredients in it and I shall monitor my skin in the upcoming months. =)

The powder is actually pink! <3 and it smells really nice.

Once mixed in water, it turns murky and I can't say that it taste good but it not bad too.


Now for some loots from Thailand..

I got a few Naraya bags, snacks and umbrellas.. This bag is big enough for me to throw in tons of stuff. =)

yes, I got like 3 umbrellas in total because it was raining out there and I always happen to not have an umbrella on hand. Then Joe liked the elmo one, so we bought it. Then I saw the hello kitty one at the market, so we bought it. I was lucky to be able to see the flea market on the first weekend there and I got a hand crafted sling bag. It's adorable and they have it in quite a few lovely colors and designs.

While at the shop, I just grabbed a few Naraya bags and I ended up keeping this for myself as I thought it'll come in handy on my trips.

As always, food is important on all my trips and I bought some tibits back. Unfortunately, they're all in my tummy by the time I started taking pictures of my loots.

I got this watch as a gift.. it's all black and looks kinda cool. 

I manage to find one box of cracker as it's a gift for someone. Next to it is a Cutie face powder. I believe you can get this in Spore and I got it for the UV protection and whitening effect. It was too hot at thailand and I definitely needed more protection.

I was already eyeing this pair of jelly shoes at far east plaza and since it was made in thailand, it makes sense that I bought it there, right? =) Totally love it and more than 50% cheaper too!!!

By day 3, I was running out of clothes to wear as I kept soiling my top. -.-" So it's time to grab some of their clothes at a bargain, 100bht to be exact! =D This blue top is super huge but oh so comfy.

I kept seeing this top around the mall and I thought why not grab it. It was going for 199bht.

Joe also started running out of clothes and we went to the T-shirt store for some cute and cheap Tees. He got his at 120bht each and this bape tee was 250bht. It's cute and I love the color. =)

This was bought at the weekend flea market for like (ammm...) 40bht? ;p I love it and it's adorable.

This was from Taiwan.. love the sequins but it was a little big for me.


Next up, re-runs of Sex and The City...

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