Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sawadi~~ The land of food and a perverted old man

It's so good to be back.. =) but I enjoyed my holiday in Thailand. Rest and relax was all I did and I think I gained a pound or 2, in all the wrong places! >.<

That's thanks to Joe for our daily char kway teow...

Somehow the trip has been fun and we really ate a lot throughout the day. I'm starting to miss the pestering of the hawkers there. We will always get bombarded with questions whenever we're passing by. If we sat down, it's worse... I remember how we were literally surrounded by all the hawkers at the same time and they were like, (hokkien) "ai wan tan mee? bee hoon? gon lo mee? Kampong Ji? Zu chang? ..." The list of food was endless and as they spoke, I just kept laughing and the bewildered look on Joe's face was priceless. Wondering hawkers would carry food in baskets or on their head, asking as they walked pass the customers.

Sadly, I also encountered the worse room service lady in all my travel trips. She came up to make the room with an upset face and as I thanked her, she walked away and slammed the door loudly in my face. Strangely on the days that followed, she was nice to us.

On the trip, I also came across a perverted uncle when I was buying an umbrella to shelter myself from the rain. He stood beside me and spoke to me in thai pointing to a white sticker. My twin thought he couldn't see the price and she told him out of courtesy. I gave him a "blur" look to show him I didn't understand a word he's saying. Then, he spoke in a Malaysian accent chinese and asked if we're thai and that if we were we would have understood him. Duh! Obviously, we're not! He then took the chance to ask where we were and why we were there.. I was getting a little uneasy and he proved my thoughts to be correct when he dropped the ultimate question. "Which hotel are you all staying?" My twin stood there frozen in her tracks and I promptly told her to move when I realised I was the only one walking away. LOL! The guy looks even older than my dad! Faints!

Joe on the other hand could not stand the countless touting of the TukTuk drivers. They would laze around the hotels and ask everyone if they needed a TukTuk. Till one fateful day, a tuktuk uncle asked the same question,
(hokkien) "ai tuktuk mai? 拜神mai? Tiger Show? 
and Joe asked him,
"ai ze pae ki mai?" (pae ki=aeroplane). 

Then there was the bell boy who pestered him for 2 days asking if he wanted a massage and on the last day whereby the tuktuk uncle who brought us to the temple told us we should not cheat and do harmful things to people while we stood in front of their famous Buddha. After which, he took the taxi fare we gave him and promptly told us that he was ill and had to go to the hospital. Leaving us at the mercy of the other tuktuk in order for us to get back to the hotel. Tsk Tsk! Kids, never never do this ok! THAT uncle must have been soooo well trained. -.-"

Okay, that pretty much sums up my experience and just to let you know I was at a more secluded thailand and I'm hoping to go Bangkok if I got the chance. =)

... next trip?

KL - my friend's birthday is coming and she's spending me to a Genting & KL trip. ^^_v

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