Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ali BaBa Day

I feel kind of ali baba-ish today. I love the baggy pants and I seem to have thing for that now or maybe it's just so comfy to wear. ^~^ That Coach bag has been squashed at the bottom of (amm...) bags for so long that I totally forgotten about it.

The top is actually gold in color and so darn long.. It was free so I have no fuss about it. It's just hanging there for awhile and I thought I should just wear it. After awhile I kind of realise the cardigan was too short for my outfit but I was just going to be out for a short time. The weather was also a killer.. my room feels like a suana even at night. *faints* I wonder how long more before the cooling end of year season will come.

I'm juggling between the last episode of a recent Korean drama I'm watching and finishing up y=my blog post. It always puzzles me why the guy's jaw will drop when the curtain unfolds and his love stands there wearing a pretty wedding gown. So far, I've not seen once a guy doing that in real life. Seriously, where's the romance? That's also probably why girls like to watch KDramas to fulfill their need for romance.

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