Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Boycotting Gatsby Hair Color, Loving my Prettia <3

I don't think I ever want to color my hair in the next 3 months.. I kinda went nuts and used 4 boxes o 3 different brands of hair color. Insane? Yes.. I think so too..

This was the first box from Beauteen and it's actually a bleach formula. I used this to lighten the new growth, so that it would be similar to my previous hair color. If I used the hair dye directly, my hair will end up with 2 different tones of color. -.-" If you have a sensitive scalp, I would not recommend this to you. If possible I hope not to use it EVer.. It really stings your scalp and it hurts. No pain, no gain.

You can almost instantly see the hair lighten and I only left it there for 15mins. My middle and end portions are left untouched as they are light enough already. In addition I have a few highlights at the bottom that would most likely be super damaged if it were to touch bleach again.

I wanted to try a different brand of ash color and so I got the Gatsby Solid Ash. Sadly, it wasn't solid at all... I don't even see much of a hint of ash. Not to mention, I realise it was quite strong and after stinging my head earlier, this one hurt as well. Not gonna get it in the future for my already damaged hair but guys with thick or stubborn hair can used this.

Too little for my long hair -.- " So I needed 2 bottles.

See what I mean? What ash??
All I see is the lighten hair color from the bleaching...

Sadly, the hair color is really toooo light already and I can see it even without strong lighting. Mind you, this photo was taken indoor. -.-"

So I had no choice but to get back my favourite hair dye and in my favourite color. At least this time round, it's even with my already lighten hair. I will post a picture of the hair color in my next post. I also got a new hair condition from Watsons. If you've been to Watsons, I believe you will have already seen it before. It's the brand that claims to help repair damage hair all the way to the ends of it. Although if you ask me, shouldn't it be doing that?? Since we only apply conditioner to the mids and ends of the hair, then shouldn't every hair conditioner do the same? I've tried it after my long and tedious hair coloring experience.

My verdict? Based on first try, I don't think it's as fabulous as it claims. There were products that I've tried before that deliever better results on first try. Nevertheless, the Japanese are known for nice smelling hair products and good texture to their hair care products. It feels rather thick and quite conditioning when used but if it did not make my damaged hair smooth at first trial, that's quite disappointing.

This is my current shampoo and that is a leave in treatment that I've used religiously for 3 days. I'm down to my last tube and desperate to get more. >.< It is so amazing that can you believe it healed my bleached damaged hair. Yes, I'm not kidding. Sadly, you can't get this here but I'll get it no matter what!!! I need to heal my hair for the next 2-3 months for my next visit to my hair stylist.

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