Friday, October 02, 2009

Food Fruit... Heaven

It's been a hectic day and I've got salon plas on my shoulders. Nothing beats laughing to the latest Korean drama, listening to new songs and playin games on facebook.

I had a bit of nice food lately, just a bit. =) Eating well really comforts the soul, so you guyz out there must eat well, yeah!

My favourite HK Cafe at Bugis.. the food there is reasonably priced and lately they have set meals to choose. It come with a drink, soup, main and dessert. How much more worthy can it get, yeah! ^~^ The glass of watermelon juice was big.. I did not finish it as I was too full at the end of it all.

My main was suppose to be portugese pork chop bake rice but it came as curry sauce.. -.- Still I was fine with it. The cheese is Hmmm Ohhhh Delicious! Even though it's at the price of an ala carte, the serving is no smaller than it's price.

You can choose between fruits or dessert. I chose the dessert and it was cherry jelly. It's a little sweet but the taste of cherry was nice and that was what's left of it. I was up to the brim of my neck and I had to stop.

:: What's For Dessert? ::

and I wonder what's below this???

It's a tea pot!

This place serves some of the best fruit tarts and the tea is kept warm with a cover. Absolutely the best idea ever! I hate it when my tea turns cold when I sip on it slowly, only to realise the remainder in the pot has cooled off. T

here was once I had the worst "Tea Cold" experience and it was an expensive (I've no idea how old) pu er cha at our famous Shangri-La Hotel. I barely finished a small chinese tea cup of tea and the tea in the pot was cold.. I asked for it to be made hot again but it came warm and turn cold once again. -.-"~

Oh, btw the tea was great and I chose a peach non caffine tea. It doesn't make your tongue dry after drinking an while sipping it, the aroma is absolute heaven.

Mango, banana tart... hell yeah~ It's so nice, so yummy and so so so so so so fresh. I'm not a very fruitty dessert person but it's the best so far that I had. >.<

The cream is absolutely fresh to the core and look at that shine on the fruit. They always display pretty wax samples of their food and I can assure you, the real one actually looks better than wax.

It's been a long day, so I'm going to rest well. =)

Mood : Hazy... too hazy

what's next? at a point in time in everyone's life, you need a revamp, a major overhaul... ...

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