Saturday, October 24, 2009

I should stop shopping...

No amount of ice can cool me down.. it's just too hot and I thought I was floating to get my lunch. *sweat*

What did I have for lunch today? ^~^


It was yummy yum yum!!! I preferred this over the Chinese version. Although it lookes really eeky like when you see squid ink pasta but the taste should not be judged by just it's appearance. I'm definitely getting more of this from the supermarket. =p~

:: Chanel Inspired Suede Bag ::

I just love the color and it goes pretty well with the material. The inside is also very spacious with a few slot and compartments. Only down side is the weight but they made it pretty nice.

:: Korean Card Holder::

I got this for my cards that I often forget to bring out.. sigh* I probably lost quite some points while buying stuff without them. It's small and handy and... it's so cute! See! The facial expression changes when you move it .. is it called hologram? lol!

There is a female puppy behind that winks ;p Totally adorable!

:: Japan Pantene Clinicare Leave in Treatment ::

This is a highly recommended product that you can't find here but it can be purchased online or in places like Taiwan/ Japan. Your hair just slides all over after using it. Thumbs up for it!

:: Laneige Pore Care ::

I've been using this brand for quite some time and I got the pore care emulsion after finishing the water bank gel. Hopefully this will help with the acne and provide me with some sebum control. The toner was pretty good. So, I hoping it be better with the combination of both.

Ta Nah~ my current skin care =)

:: Heavenly Heelz ::

Got this to help prevent my pumps from sliding off my feet.. it's a little big.

:: Pet Scoop ::

It's pink and only $2. I think it's suppose to be for dog food but I'm using it to scoop my rabbit's bedding.

:: Japan Furminator ::

The western company came up with a furminator for pets. Basically it's a grooming brush that brushes and trims off all the fur shed by your dog or cat. It's quite convenient to use and costly too. The original one cost like $50 or more...or I thought I saw it like 70 over to 100 plus. >.<

This is the Japanese version and better! It works the same and even better. It has a very solid feel and nicer color with a rotating head that has the comb razor on one side and the massaging comb on the other.

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