Friday, October 16, 2009

Mobile Phones with a Human Touch (or name)

My next mobile buy ...

It's so cute and the red key pad is like WOW! My LG phone is nice but it hangs allll the time. So I shall use it till this phone makes it's appearance. I saw the Corby, which is in the market already but it's too basic for me. I need one with 3G at least and a decent camera. If this doesn't work out then I might consider the S8300, it's an older model but the price has dropped and it's more sleek.

I love the sharp 923sh.. but it's too pricy for an exotic phone and there's no warranty to it. I think I shall give that a miss.

Black Berry bold is nice for a pda phone but I seriously love form over function and I might not like the cold feel to it. Customisation is important sometimes.

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