Thursday, October 29, 2009

Product Review : Maybeline

Product Review : Maybelline Total Clean Eye and Lip Remover

What is this?

This is as what the title says, it is an eye and lip make-up remover. As of all removers, it has 2 different layers that requires to be shaked and mixed together. The word total clean is just like what this remover should do, clean it off totally.

How is it?

Eye make-up is always harder to remove, especially water proof types and even with the Pond's cold cream that claims to remove all traces of makeup doesn't make up for it's claim. I'm not about to have premature wrinkles around my eyes. Hence I decided to try this out.

Texture feels light and it smells quite nice. All I need to do is to mix the 2 layers together and it will look a little milky.

Use a cotton pad and soak it with a sufficient amount to cover the eye. I used to use like 2 or 3 cotton pads to remove my eye makeup. With this, I just need 1 cotton pad. ^_^

I had some eyeliner and coats of mascara that usually took forever to remove. I placed the pad on the eye first for 2 seconds and gently went around the other eye areas.

Do the same for the other eye. By now, you will see the makeup has already melted.

It's that quick!

See.. no more makeup and pardon my tired eyes. >.<

You can get it at most beauty or drugstores for only S$9.90. =)

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