Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Do List Essential For My Everyday Life

To Do List :

1) Get well soon..

I'm not seriously sick but you know it's bad enough when your illness brings about big inconvenience to your daily life.. and according to the doctor, I'm half way to recovery.

2) Go to the Pet SHop

I'm planning to revamp my rabbit's living quarters.. currently he's just slightly better than some illegal immigrant being squashed in a refined space. So for the sake of better health and happiness, I shall up his living area by another 50%. I was hoping more but the fish tank next door is a PITA to move. No correction, with that water in there.. it can't be moved! -.-" Anyway I can't max out the area and a bit of allowance has to be given.

3) Sleep Early

I've been starting to accomplish that by forwarding my sleeping hours by 2-3hr. It's a good and big step that makes me more like a human during the day. ^_^

4) Clean up my desk

Not that it's messy but I'm a clean freak and since I cleared the space up there, I should just clear the table for more space. Maybe it be good that I start clearing up when I need to move. >.<

5) Clear the pee pan more often

I know having a pet is great responsibility and of coz I don't leave it there still the urine overflows or a whole bunch of houseflies over it. Well at least to remind myself to do it when I get lazy (sometimes). Good thing, I have one of the biggest wired base pee pans around and I'm still contemplating on changing it to the cat litter box. Maybe not now or at least till I find a good way to reconstruct it in for the rabbit to use. Seriously I hope my rabbit can stop perking up his butt to pee, so that it will not decide to see if he can break his last pee-ing distant record.

6) Research for a good cage design

There are so many ideas online for Rabbit owners to source if you're into D.I.Y-ing. I will really love to but I need something structured and rock, hard, solid. A lot of rabbit owners either use play pens or metal grids. Those are really neat ideas but I think my rabbit will trash it in a night and run all over the house. He's one seriously strong and clever little creature.. that I might start getting 3ft tall play pens to replace my current partition while he's out on his runs. I've seen the meta grids and the connectors used. Seriously! I have this gut feeling that a few of his powerful jumps and kicks, it be a goner by the first night. So I'm still stuck with getting a readily designed cage. I've found one and hopefully I be well in the next 2 days to g down to the pet shop to check it out.

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