Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bit bit Fur cut

Bitbit finally gets a good grooming today. He must be feeling so much lighter with his new "crew cut" and he need not hope around with his ling pointy nails.

A good sayang after his grooming. <3

I think the grooming kind of gave him a face lift. Now it looks sharper. :) I love how his hand and feet look so round now. Totally adorable! ;p His Groomer is always busy, so I hope I can have him groomed before cny.

I totally love the iPhone but not Starhub as they refuse to give me their current data plan promo befor the recontractual date. Sobs! I just find an unbreakable bond with the Internet and iPhone. They are like a match made in heaven and I really need my data plan.

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