Thursday, November 12, 2009

Canmake can be the next craze for me

I don't have a problem with super sparse eyebrows but I realise how nice it is to perfect the minor inperfections. Sadly, the eyebrow pencil I had kinda finished and I thought the refillable pencils from Daiso would work but no.

A little incident made me turn my attention to Canmake, a Japanese make-up. The cute jewel like box and the sweet, shimmery colors is to die for. Better yet, they have powder eyebrow in 3 different styles, each have 2 colors in it. =)

The number I'll be going for is #15 (if I remember correctly), it has the lightest shade of all the 3 and there's a bit of shimmer. Since it has a darker shade, I can change the color of my eye brows according to the shade of my hair. ^.^_v (yeah)

I'm hoping to be able to try this out as well.. it's like a eyebrow mascara or to be more exact, it's a top coat for your eye brow make-up. That should keep the stray hairs from going all over the place.

Maybe I'll also get this when my mascara shelf life is gone. It's suppose to be super black that gives really good volume and curl. The best part is you can wash this off in the shower with just warm water. -.-_v

I need a jackpot next wk...

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