Monday, November 23, 2009

Genting Highlands (GKL Trip 1)

Over the weekend weekdays, I went on a short trip that was proudly sponsored by a birthday girl. ^.^

There's the bday girl all cheery and radiant. We're waiting for the plane to take off and I'm quite tired coz we left the house at like 5am in the morning to catch out flight. >.<

In just 30mins, you can get to KL on a plane.. why do I want to slave myself silly on the bus for 6 hourS?? Well.. that is if you're just heading to KL, I'm not. Here I was, walking down the travellator to the customs (or so I thought..) .

See! So happy right, coz she's travelling with me yeah! LOL!

Now where where where is the customs?! They don't have signs to tell you that you need to take the monorail just to get to it. Still we were quite excited despite the extra effort needed.

Llalalla, after a minute or 2...

my eyes were seriously starting to close... ... I'm exhausted, couldn't wait to get on the express train where I could sleep another 30mins.

Finally, we reached the arrival hall .. I literally walked as fast as I could, who wouldn't know that the customs take forever to move. Lucky me, I spent only 10minutes there.

A quick stopover for a picture with Harrod's Carriage. So cute. Pardon the "baggage" as I was keeping it light with just a shoulder bag for my necessities but it was hell a lot more when I got back. -.-"

Finally!! This is the KLIA Express, it is a non stop train all the way to KL Sentral (no I didn't make yet another spelling mistake, it's spelled that way.) Very comfy and smooth ride. Still I didn't sleep..

2 excited already ;p

passing by the palm trees that I saw when the plane landed..

After 30mins, we were at KL Sentral station (well) this is the basement where the buses terminate. We had a bus to catch to genting. This is the first time I ever had to take so many forms of transportation to get to a place but it is quite a learning experience as you get to travel on a few different public transport and learn your way around. However, the place was really stuffy and you can imagine the amount of fumes from the buses there. I was dying to get on the bus.

The bus I took on my journey up the hill. It was a good thing that he was driving at 30-40km/hr coz it made the turns so much more tolerable in comparison to the other driver that took us downhill. I swear my stomach almost flipped. >.<

A luxury bus went passed us and for a second I wished I had their comfy seats but the driver to me was more important. We literally lost sight of it in just one turn. -.-"

Our nice driver ^_^

Woo hoo! Cable Car station and our final stop to Genting, I love cable cars for their convenience and I literally save the agony going up more turns,

Not to mention, you get a view as well.

up up and away

from the small window o_o higher.. higher..

ok time for lunch.. lol! just that quick and easy. The check in was only at 3pm and we took a queue number at 2pm.

After a hearty meal, it's time to play the waiting game..

Look at all those people waiting to check-in. I've not seen any hotel with as big a lobby as them with sooooo many chairs for guest to WAIT to checkin. Not to mention they have up to 30 counters for check-in alone. Faintz..

We only waited for another 15-20mins as the 100 over in front of us probably checked into their rooms in the hour lunch that we had earlier.

Is it pure coincidence or what? I managed to spot the counter number with my barely opened eyes.. it's the same as her birthday!! We had an upgrade of room for free.. or actually the room was similar but with a view. ^.^

Time to check out the room ..

ok, it's a little small but I can live with that..

with a bonus, Ill be sleeping on clouds for the next 2 nights.. wooooo

We each got a lip balm from Watsons, although I brought one but I was hoping to get a tinted one.

You can have Mac anytime and I remember KFC is also 24hours. Fortunately, most of the restaurants close quite late.

I always loved that as a kid.. so pretty.

I dared her to walk through the bridge without our jackets. That was the first time she was so ahead of me.. lol! It's cold ok! Freeking cold! Maybe it's the end of the year but the wind was strong and the temperature during the day was already quite cold.

We were off to take another cable car to the temple to pray.

We could hardly see a thing o_o

Woo.. pretttty... It looked like a place out of those chinese novels.

I realised there was a hotel at the temple and I heard it's quite cheap. Except there's only a vegetarian restaurant, so you would have to take the bus or tram to Genting for food and entertainment.

They were shooting some MV for the cny CDs next year.


Loads of steps to climb...


I heard that those 4 girls are often seen on the CNY MVs.

I applaud them for their tolerance to cold. We were in our T-shirts and it was drizzling. It was realllyyyy cold. Even the other tourist who saw us were amazed that we're running around the place without a jacket on.

Birthday fruit for the birthday girl ^.^

It's a pity I didn't have my digcam and all the pictures were taken with the iPhone.

Pray for safety, health and happiness..

I always feel happy seeing this.. ^.^

So adorable souvenirs, time to go back to the high land and feel more cold.

We sort of had a mild stomach discomfort due to our exhausion and lack of sleep. So I suggested to get takeouts from the restaurant I saw and we had abalone chicken soup with viet rice roll. Fruits are essential during travelling for that "smooth" journey afterwards.

We were going to spend the night at the casino but we were seriously tired after touring the place and we just had to hit the pillow after a nice warm shower and some old tv show surfing.

Marry Brown for lunch the next day..

** to be continued (check out the space below) **

off to bed

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