Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After much turns down the Genting Hill, we reached KL Sentral Station once again. It's a good thing we were living near the train station and it's only less than 5mins walk away. A small business hotel but it was packed with travellers. There's also food and a monorail just at the door steps. ^.^

The only downside is the buffet breakfast...

I must have been deprived of a proper toilet that I kept snapping pictures of it.

San was so funny.. she didn't realise the shower head was loose and she took a bath with the water going in all directions but down. rofl* I managed to dismantle it a bit and put it back properly.

Ooo LCD!!!! but something strange happen, it kind of off itself while we were asleep at night. I have the habit of switching on the TV while I sleep and Joe reckon it might be the sleep timer??

Some fresh blue berry juice that wasn't so juicy to begin with.. but they did have fresh blueberries in it. The white and blue dial is a buzzer that you can use to call the waiter. Sadly, I didn't think the food was good and the others downstairs seem better. Some eatery upstairs of Times Sq..

When you're hungry, everything looks good.. ;p~

We took the monorail the whole time from hotel to Times Square to Sungai Wang to Chinatown, etc. You never need to hail a cab and bargain for the fare. I hate when the meter is not involved and bargaining is not what I enjoy. On the other hand, the monorail is a bargain, we pay between 1.60 - 2.20rm to go to the shopping malls on each trip. Not too bad and no jam (well), a little human jam.

San mentioned that this was a new shopping mall. It was huge!! You can find more brands here as compare to Takashimaya and the concept is similar to Ion but Ion has a few more exotic brands. Pavilion on the other hand has Paul Frank! Well.. not exactly a winner but their clothes are cute.

I can only come here for the food.. The whole street is packed with nothing but fake goods. From LV to Prada to Nike to mmm anything. Strangely I found it a little CGW (an acronym that I invented) aka creativity gone wrong. They are literally everywhere. For example an LV bag shape with gucci prints or a Prada bag with LV handles and Gucci Prints, etc. I almost fainted at the sight of it. The food stalls however perks me up but it was nearing the end of our trip and we're seriously exhausted. So exhausted that we simply headed back to the hotel and packed some food from the nearby train station.

We woke up the next morning to head to the budget terminal. It was a little rush as the time calculated wasn't so accurate. We also had to walk a distance to the plane.. I seriously will take Jetstar or Tiger if I'm heading to KL. That way I can avoid their budget terminal.

After an hour later, I was back home and rush (once again) my arse off to a wedding at (where?) the airport. -.-"' So I was pretty much shuttling back and forth the airport that day.

I'm slowing loving the hair and that top. It's new but I didn't take a good shot of it. Next time perhaps and somehow my hair color looks different under the lights but I'll be changing it soon. ^.^ My prettia color is here!

Loots From My Trip

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