Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Big Hair

I went a little nutsy and had a *ahem* minor hair cut. ;p Well, at least "minor" enough for Joe to go "wat lao!", Lena (who eyes it strangely), my co-worker who thinks I changed my hair color and including the stylist himself. Correction, I did not change my hair color, it's my dark chocolate walls. =)

I feel like I'm looking at the mushroom in Mario Brothers. LOL!!!! This is the styled version and I look kind of round with it. Still, I like it and it's fun to look. At least it's something different from the past few months, yeah. =)

So, I went nutsy and did a ke ai 3 lian pai...


I want to add on my recent loots to this blog post but I'm getting really tired. It's been a while and I haven't had a good rest for quite some time. Hence, I'm always feeling exhausted... so tired that I had to text my evil twin while I sleepwalk out to get lunch (literally). I swear I would have fell off the chair waiting for my takeout if not for my iPhone.

Before I end this post, I just like to tell myself.. I seriously need to stop shopping. >.< LOL! I realised it's been a long time since I've NOT have a post WITHOUT loots... Trust me! I have quite some lying around in the room.

** Dozing off 2 DreamLand **

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